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iiVO Switch 2in1 Lighting & Micro USB Cable Extra-long 6ft MFi Certified

  • 2-in-1 USB Charge & Sync Cable - a Lightning connector and a Micro USB connector to connect your Apple or Android device to computer or wall charger
  • Stain resistant materials
  • Dishwasher safe bottle (chamber and caps to be hand washed)
  • Anti-Tangle Technology - Nylon Plaited Protected Cable which is also flexible which create a tangle free cable
  • Extra-long 6ft fabric cable - With an extra long 6ft cord, connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad farther than ever.
  • iiVO Switch 2 In 1 Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable & Micro USB Cable


    2 Cables in 1. The best cable for all modern devices, be it your Apple iPhone, iPad, or your Samsung Galaxy S7 and tablets. This has a unique capability that allows this cable to transform from a micro USB to a Lightning Connector. This has an extra-long 6Ft cable which allows you to be free from the wall. You can charge & sync data easily by simply plugging into a charger, PC or iMac

    Apple MFi Certification

    All our cables are Apple MFi Certified. This means only Apple original chips and software drivers are installed. This means the iiVO Twist is as reliable as the Original Apple cable.

    Anti Tangle Technology - Nylon Braided High Durability

    Premium nylon fabric feels great and doesn't tangle. The nylons also offer a higher protection against everyday use, meaning this cable will last a long time

    Connect With Ease

    So Easy to switch from micro USB to lightning connector.