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11 in 1 Fruit Vegetables Mandoline Cutter Slicer Grater Crusher Chopper Dicer

Fruit and vegetable slicer - Slices and dices in 11 different ways!

Those chefs on TV seem to spend a whole lot of time chopping, slicing and dicing; but it’s not to show off their amazing knife skills, it’s because they haven’t discovered today’s time-saving deal yet!

Save time chopping, slicing, dicing, grating, tending to cut fingers and mopping up teary eyes by snapping up today’s handy deal. This 11 piece set comes with everything you need to cut, dice, grate and slice onions, zucchinis, peppers, celery, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheese, fruit and more! And all without the use of scary sharp knives and a multitude of chopping boards.


1 Cutting-Top with Integrated Pin Grid
1 Cutting-Base
1 Transparent Collector (Capacity 1,500 Ml)
1 Cover for Holding a Fresh Collection Container
2 Blades
1 Knife Used for Quarters or Eighths
1 Plug-Cutting Punch for Eighth
1 Part-Cover for All Blades Inserts
1 Professional Peeler


- Comes with five blades, made from ultra-sharp steel.
- Each blade gives you a choice of different cutting slices.
- Additional use as a food storage unit.
- Create well-presented dishes and beautiful salads with minimal effort.