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2 Person Picnic Bag

Food always tastes better when you're eating beneath a vast blue sky dotted with soft clouds, which is just one of the many reasons why the picnic is a popular pastime across the world.

Transform your next picnic adventure into an extravagant outdoor meal with the 2 person picnic backpack. Not only does this versatile picnic backpack boast a stylish and contemporary design but it also comes fully equipped to serve two people. But its greatest asset is the backpack's portability. The durable shoulder straps help distribute the weight of the backpack, allowing it to be comfortably carried anywhere.

2 Person Picnic Backpack with cooler compartment/ padded straps/front pocket


  • 2pcs Stainless Knives with PP handle
  • 2pcs Stainless Forks with PP handle
  • 2pcs Stainless Spoons with PP handle
  • 2pcs of PS wine or juice goblets
  • 2pcs of 8‘’( dia) PS plates
  • 2pcs of T/C napkins.