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IPhone 4/4S Game Boy Inspired Silicone Case

Remember when your parents asked you whether you had finished your homework and your heart began beating that little bit faster and you mumbled "no" as if your mother and father had some sort of hyper sensitive hearing only you were aware of? We'll my go to excuse was blaming this state of the art machine that kept me so engaged to its black and white screen I'd forget to blink.

Mobileheads is proud to introduce our Game Boy look-a-like case for the iPhone 4/4S. This item comes in white and when your iPhone 4/4S is flipped over it really looks like a smaller version of that lovely piece of technology we all know (or maybe knew) as a Game Boy. I warn you though, this device is not functional and it will not allow you to drift off into a action packed game of Tetris. I do guarantee that it definitely will get your friends curious and reminiscing about those wonderful times!

What's included:

  • 1 x Silicon Game Boy look-a-like iPhone 4/4S Case