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Touch Beauty 3 in1 Facial Cleansing Brush IPX6 Waterproof with 2 Speed Settings Face Skin Cleanser & Exfoliator

The 360 Degree Rotary Facial Cleanser set includes 3 brush heads to adapt to different skin type. the device features dual-speed for different cleansing needs. help you achieve radiant and youthful skin by deep cleaning, gently massaging and removing dirt,oils,make-up, exfoliating dead skin cells. 

✔ Remove Blackheads, Dirt, Makeup, Oil, Dead Skin from pores, prevents clogged pores 
✔ Minimizes Acne Scarring, Blemishes, Dry spots, polishes and brightens your skin 
✔ Softly Massages skin to promote blood circulation, stimulates collagen production 
✔ Massages your eye,cheeks and neck to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
✔ Exfoliates Rough Dry Skin, softer, smoother skin tone, restore your youthful skin 
✔ Thorough cleansing helps your face to better absorb liquid foundation, improves overall skin tone 

Three Professional Brush Head

Cleaning&Clearing Brush(For oily combination skin): 
Deeply cleans oil and residual make-up in the pores, making for clear and smooth skin. 
Good for daily use. 

Silicone Cleansing Brush(For Sensitive Skin): 
Elastic silicone brush, gently cleans and cares your skin. 
Good for sensitive skin or skin in sensitive period. 
Suggested use: according to your skin sensitivity. 

Skin Refreshing Brush(For exfoliation): 
Closely fits your skin, deeply cleans the dirt and the blackheads twice and helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. 
For all skin types. 
Suggested use: once a week. 


Two Speed Settings and rotating 360° facial cleansing brush delivers daily deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation to renew softer, smoother and more radiant youthful looking skin, Exfoliating dead, dried and flaky skin, massaging eyes and cheeks,reducing fine lines and wrinkles, providing facial spa treatment to promote cellular turnover, collagen production, recover skin elasticity and vitality

After deep cleansing, your favorite creams and moisturizers will more effectively absorb into your skin

What Will You Get?

1* Facial Cleanser
1* Soft PBT Brush
1* Silicone Brush
1* Fine Latex Sponge
1* Storage Case


Level 6. Protection against water flushed from any directions, free from negative influences.
You can use it safely in the shower due to waterproof design. but please don't make the device immersed in water. 

To protect the the battery part, it is better only remove the brush head to clean under running water.

Battery powered

It is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included).