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JPC-FM01 - 3in1 Color Facial Mask Healthy Smooth Skin Rejuvenation | Anti-Aging, Tightening, Toning, Wrinkle Acne Treatment | Collagen Restoring & Whitening Device

Our Facial Mask will help you easy and naturally heal from almost all:

Acne scarring
Lumpy or uneven skin
Enlarged pores
  • 3in1-color Photon Mask Rejuvenation Device, Red (620nm-750nm), To Promote Vitality. Blue (475nm-495nm) To Repair The Skin. Yellow (590nm-620nm), Smooth and Tender Skin, Increase Skin elasticity And Increase Skin Firmness.
  • Impetus Light Is Luminescence But Doesn't Hurt Your Skin, Safe And No Side-effect; Its Special Wavelength Can Be Used For Irradiating Human Body, and can prolong or shorten irradiation time; without burning skin, turning black, etc.
  • The new timing function is 5~20 minutes, and the facial SPA can wake up the skin anytime, anywhere.