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Magnetic Windscreen Cover

CarTech Windscreen Sun Shield

The Windscreen Sun Shield is compact, easy to use and keeps your car from overheating in direct sunlight.
The CarTech Windscreen Sun Shield is has a universal fit and is easy to apply in seconds with magnetic hold.
The silver reflective surface will keep the sun from over-heating your car whilst parked in direct sunlight.
Packs quickly and neatly into a handy pouch which can be stored in a trunk, door well or glove compartment.
This Magnetic Windscreen Cover provides winter & summer windscreen protection cover.

 In Winter this windscreen cover will protect your cars windscreen from Snow, Frost & Ice, meaning you wont have to spend hours every morning de frosting your car. 

In summer this heat reflecting windscreen cover will protect your vehicle from UV Damage and your interior overheating. 

Measures 96cm x 162cm.