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Outdoor Motion Activated LED Lights | Water Resistant & Solar Powered

For those areas you need lighting but having to drill to get a cable from the mains is a little tricky. And then of course, installing a light switch - who needs that?

With these great outdoor lights you're able to quickly mount them into your outdoor area and enjoy motion activated lighting. 

Rather than traditional units that require a change of batteries, with our solar powered technology you're charging with the sun, keeping your battery operated needs to a minimum.

- 8 high powered LED lights
- Motion sensor built in
- Water resistant and weather resistant
- Built in solar powered 3.7V 800mA Li-ion Battery
Rate Power: 1.3W
- Solar Panel: 5.5V 0.44W
- Product dimensions:11.8 x 3.6 x 8 cm

- Make sure to ensure the outdoor lights are exposed to at least 8 hours of sunlight before use
- On the event the battery is completely drained, ensure to switch it off completely and allow it to charge for 2-3 days
- If you do not have an area with sunlight and prefer a battery operated outdoor light, please have a look at:

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