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TouchBeauty Light Therapy Pen for Acne Treatment

The TouchBeauty Light Therapy Pen combines red and blue lights to treat skin conditions such as acne, inflammation and the appearance of fine lines. It treats acne breakouts fast and is beautifully designed, light weight and portable ready to be used on the go.

The blue light is scientifically proven to reduce acne by exciting compounds produced by acne bacteria called porphyrins. When excited by blue light, the porphyrins kill the bacteria.

The red light calms inflammations and the appearance of fine lines.

The blue and red light treatments are proven to reduce breakouts without flaking or burning.

How to use:

Turn on the device by the on/off button.

Place the light emitting head directly on the pimple/ treatable skin.

Use the device on each treatable area for 1-2 mins each of the blue and then red light.

For best results, use 3 times a day.

Required AA Battery (not included)